Good news! Coffee tables have come a long way since the beginning of the living room. Nowadays you have countless options to replace the living rooms old, faithful coffee table with an ottoman coffee table. Ottoman tables are great replacements – they’re functional tables, extra chairs for those big games, and the perfect foot rests for those movie marathons.

Functional ottomans like this can be found for as little under 100 dollars.

Functional ottomans like this can be found for as little under 100 dollars.

In the picture; The ‘Convenience Concepts’ Dark Espresso Leather Storage Bench with 2 Side Ottomans 

Though this choice could actually throw you would-be decorators for a loop if you haven’t done your homework! Take a look below to learn how to incorporate ottoman coffee table into your living space.



Using Ottomans as Coffee Tables


1. Assess the space. Make sure you know the dimensions of the room and the furniture placement – in particular the furniture directly around the coffee table area. People with small spaces are generally the ones who will benefit most from replacing the coffee table with one or two small ottomans. They’re easily moved around the room and look natural beside chairs or couches as well as a centerpiece coffee table.


2. Know the shape of ottoman you’re looking for. Is the room long and narrow? A thinner rectangular ottoman might complement the space, or try two smaller ottomans. A large empty space? Square ottomans fit at very functional tables and make the space feel full.


3. Pay attention to the height. Many people want the same shape and height of a normal coffee table, meaning it’s lower than the seating surrounding it but high enough to be used as a functional piece. If this is the case pick an ottoman the same height as a coffee table, though you can opt for a lower ottoman if you want to surround it with throw pillows or cushions. Taller ottomans are great more of a side table or seating.

Ottoman Coffee Table

A multi-purpose Ottoman – Coffee table, seating, and an ottoman

4. Consider multiple uses for your ottoman coffee tableSome ottomans have removable soft tops with hidden storage, others magazine shelves underneath. Some come as separate cubes that connect.

5. Choose a finish that fits the space. Is your home a rustic country or ultra modern? Make sure your choice is suited to the space. Remember those fine finishes may mean more maintenance than you want to do. Moisture resistant surfaces are always a good idea for a long life span.


6. Know your space. Sometimes small ottomans fill the room better beside a couch or in a corner. Don’t assume you have to put it in front of the love seat or where the coffee table sits.

7. Know your budget. Do you want the finest of leather or are you looking for a quick fix? There are many options available to fit any budget.


Pro Tip: Don’t cover your ottoman with knick-knacks and magazines. A small basket beside the couch or outside the center of the room will make the space feel more open and comfortable for yourself and guests. Trays are often the ideal solution if you want a few things displayed, but don’t over do it!


Now complete that living room!